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Learn how make a good content with Mr Kokom

DAIE is an Arabic word for Islamic preacher. A daie’s job is to call everyone to obey Allah in every single aspects of life. It is not necessarily for a daie to be an ustaz. Everyone can be daie. Not just ustaz. Just learn and practice Islam in your life. Then call others to practice Islam. Call them in acceptable ways. Writing in English is also a tool for that.

Nowadays, online presence is important for daie. Someone can teach Islam in a mosque. But, the audience is too small. If you get your talk in Facebook or Youtube, you will get wider audience.

When people seek an advice or opinion in religious matters, they can get the answers in a single click on internet. Then they will find you there, and they got your messages. Imagine if daie is not there, who will answer the questions? Is the answers are true based on Al-Quran and Sunnah and Islamic knowledge? So, don’t let them wrong by ignoring your online presence.

How to make a successful online presence?

Sign up and put your contents there. Write in blog, Facebook status, publish a Youtube video, post a tweet and the list goes on. Be there and react. Comment. People will know you are there and they can refer you anytime if they have questions and need a guidance.

Best way to learn online presence

Learn from businesses. They pushed their business to be online to get leads, customers and deals. They make contents in every single minute just to attract viewers and potential buyers.

So do daie. Daie have to learn a lot about internet. And I am still learning.

Mohd Firdaus Salleh Hudin
Kampung Pandan

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